Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tirabaralla Tuesdays

Today I re-listed some bijoux in my Etsy shop after a long time (I am the most erratic crafter you may meet in your life lol), I quite like this collection, although I shoudn't say so myself. It's inspired by a vintage and country feeling, two things that I happen to be fond of.
Here are some examples:

Bunnies and Bells

Spring into Green

Blooming Misterious

In Full Bloom

Crystal Drops

Every piece is one of a kind and there are many  more pieces that I plan to list in the future (as soon as the sun comes out for decent pics?) and everything is FREE SHIPPING from Ireland cause I am a buyer too and I know how frustrating it is to try to sort out how much the shipping costs actually are.
If you are a fellow crafter, are there other platforms than Etsy that you use successfully to sell your beauties and that you would reccomend?
I hope you liked this little selection!

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  1. How pretty! Really love the last pair. I've only used Etsy for selling online and I haven't had too much success with it. But it doesnt cost me very much to list so i keep my items there. Wish you much sucess!

    1. Ciao Foxxy, and thank you for visiting. I agree that Etsy it's quite convenient and not very expensive, especially considering all the features that it offers to the seller and the buyer. I know of people selling through FB or Instagram but not quite sure how it would work.
      I wish you success with your enterprise too :) Gonna visit your blog now!