Saturday, October 12, 2013

What's Cooking This Week

This week will be for us (me and the glutton other-half) a week of "cleaning out" the fridge, freezer and pantry as much as possible, once in a while it has to be done and it also means that the grocery shopping list will be a very short and sweet (cheap) one, yay.
Let's see what I conjured up with the bits and pieces we have:

Saturday: Since I'm already feeling ravenous for pasta I do think it's "Pasta al Tonno e Limone" time, with a recipe quite similar to this one (I add a bit of fine breadcrumbs to coat the spaghetti in a crunchy and tasty coat).

Sunday: On Sunday we oblige to the Irish "Sunday dinner tradition" more often than not, this time will be breaded chicken fillets, roasted potatoes and garlic sauteed peas.

Monday: A very simple pepperoni pizza with some potato wedges and a green salad on the side. Some days it's ok for the freezer to be your best friend in the kitchen.

Tuesday: Will be making chilli con carne from scratch, accompanied by a sour cream and chives garnish (so proud of my little pots of herbs, I gotta use them lol) and to be eaten on top of boiled rice (the chilli packs a punch of taste so simple rice is is the best with it, I think).

Wednesday:  The air is getting cool lately so a soup night it's what we need, I made potato and scallion soup not long ago and froze half of it, toasted bread with melted cheddar and thyme for the crunchy part.

Thursday: Fish fingers and shaved carrots with olive oil, lemon, salt and peppers in huge quantities (my favourite way to eat carrots).

Friday: We won't be home for dinner, happy days.

Snacks, Baking, Desserts, Preserves, etc.: Would like to bake some Nutella and marshmallows cupcakes, a simple but decadent treat, tried and tested a good few times. Here, some body of proof:


And for a peek to my shopping list: As said at the start of the post, a very short shopping list this week, still a great staple of Italian AND Irish cuisine is in it: onions! I love all sort of onions, red, white, green, shallots, Tropea, etc. etc. Simply put, I panic if onions are missing in the house. I even don't mind crying a little while chopping them, it cleans the eyes, no?


  1. Yum - sounds like a delicious week at your house. What do you put in your chilli? And you just can't beat having a few fresh herbs at hand.

    1. Hello Hester :)
      Usually I put yellow and red pepper, onion, corn and black beans in my chilli con carne; and as the name says I use carne (meat) mince (together with spices!) :) I have to admit I use flat parsley instead of coriander in it, though (as I don't like coriander much).
      Thank you for your visit!