Friday, October 4, 2013

Once Upon A Time

As usual I am back after a looong hiatus, I promise that achieve more consistency is one of my goals in life...I just have a long way to go, still. :)

Happy to be back,  I would like to introduce to you to "Once Upon A Time", the only group board I ever founded on Pinterest, a board that is giving me many satisfactions.
The name may be a bit misleading (I just liked it) but if you read the description it becomes clear that is a sharing space dedicated to all things retro, vintage and historical, for example:

You can find the links to these and many more images with tons of stories about the good aul' times on the board, it's feast for nostalgic eyes.
If you happen to be interested in joining, leave me a comment under a pin of your choice in the board. you have any favourite group boards on Pinterest? Do you have a love of history and vintage? Do you have both? :) Let me know!

I am linking this at the pretty Craftberry Bush.


  1. Just accepted, sorry I missed the invite. I think it was you who introduced me to Pinterest. I see you are also polyvoring now- I'm a little scared of becoming addicted, but I'm sure it's a great tool to learn how to use. Ciao Cara x

    1. Ciao :)
      I use Polyvore at times, when I do is usually for a few weeks in a row (love it) and then grow a bit tired of it (as is quite time consuming) and leave it until months later lol
      Glad you liked Pinterest, as till do to, I take crafts, recipes and foraging ideas from it and go for retro eye-candies in the evening when I relax...what I like of it is that you can or cannot dedicate a lot of time to it, according to your needs or time...I find it less compulsive then other social networks, personally.
      Thank you for joining the board, hope you'll find it interesting :)
      See you here and there, be well this new week.