Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Reading the title, you will be probably thinking: "What the heck?"

The above acronym stands for "Things That Make Me Happy And I am Grateful For", since ten days, on my personal Facebook, I have been posting everyday about what makes life beautiful to me.
Some days I struggled a little, most days I struggled to pick only one thing, one person, one moment.

Here the first ten statuses of my project so:
Day 4: MAN V. FOOD yum yum (do you know this TV show?)
Day 6: LA COLOMBA PASQUALE VOLATA A WICKLOW DA FIRENZE :) buonissima a colazione (grazie mamma) (a traditional Easter treat that my mom sent to me from Florence)
Day 7: YOUR TOUCH - IL TUO TOCCO (to my significant other)
What do you think?
Would you engage in something similar in front of your Facebook family and friend?
Some of these are serious, deep, important, beautiful things, while others are silly simple pleasures.
I am a person that lacks discipline, so I would love to be able to bring this project on for as long as possible, aiming for 365 days.
If you want to join me you are more than welcome! Count your blessings :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Moodboard Monday - 7

Hello guys and dolls, how was the weekend?

As this week's inspiration I am taking the "theme" of our bedroom, or at least the theme I am trying to introduce in it: the seashore.
Most of the decor in the room is soft and darker blues together with sand, beige, whites.
We still have some way to go but it's a process I enjoy!

Hope this can inspire you, if you love the seaside as much as I do.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Flower Friday - 5

This is a an arrangement I put together a good while ago, the "vase" it's an old gravy jug I bought for a euro in a charity shop and the flowers are carnations. I think the vintage feel of the container and the frilly flowers and leaves work lovely together, what do you feel?
I especially like the "tail" of it, that gives it an elongated, elegant shape.

I often put together something similar with this jug and other flowers and foliage, mostly going for a very girly idea, the mix of fresh beautiful flowers with this weathered down, well used object makes me happy somehow.

The tools of the trade are a 1 euro well loved gravy vessel, Oasis flower foam well soaked by letting it going down in a sink full of water (it's important to do so and not pur the water on the foam or force the foam underwater because that way you will get dry "bubbles" in the foam), green florist tape to fix the Oasis to the jug by crisscrossing it on top, and the flowers/leaves that can absolutely come from your garden or from a little green patch anywhere. Carnation are generally quite cheap and they can be pretty looking indeed.

Hope you like and if you try it at home, let me know.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Delicious Fifities, The Woman in Red

Hello gurls! (and boys?)
Some time ago I posted about one of my fashion crushes, La Belle Epoque; today I would like to talk about another one of my favourite periods: The Fifities!
I find that part of fashion history so lovely, feminine, flattering and fun, would you agree?

I went on an eye-candy hunt for ye, and for my own pleasure as well, I admit...
I found so much I like that I've decided to make this a serie of posts, actually!
I will start with a very 50's colour, red!

Jean Patchett in 1954 summer dress fashion.

Red Givenchy 1956

Rose Valois, 1952

Vogue US 1951

Swansdown 1951


Debbie Reynolds

(click on the pictures to be brought to the original source)

My granmother was a seamstress, working both for herself and some important Italian fashion laboratories ("case di moda"), and always used to tell me how people, although way poorer, were much more elegant and classy, back in the day.
I have seen pictures of her in the younger days, and although she had just two "changes" of clothes in her wardrobe she looked lovely all the time...I think it came down to personal dignity somehow.

Once more, I'd love to have a time machine, and you?

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Moodboard Monday - 6

How is spring where you live?
I live in Ireland, so spring can be very capricious, one moment splendent of brilliant colours and sun, the other moment dark grey and very humid!

In this moodbard I want to celebrate a combo that is very Irish in spring, lovely greens and the beautiful yellow of daffodils, hope you can enjoy!

1. Daffodils, 2. hot and cold, 3. The Pollyanna Dress, 4. swapbot - light green postcard #2

What would be a palette for your country in Spring?

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Flower Friday - 4

A little thing I put together as Easter center piece, following an idea I found on Pinterest.
It's a simple thing, with the egg carton and some washed out eggs plus flowers from the garden, so it was for free.
Love the colours and although simple it was festive and cheerful at Easter lunch.

Do you like?
Have a lovely week-end!

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pin into Action! (02)

Today I tackled a simple project to re-use some paint chips that I had laying around!
The Paint Chips Garland:
I had pinned this just few days ago and I gave it my try, now I have a new member for my "Pins into Actions" board...and if you are on Pinterest you know how satisfatory that can be.

The original (click on Pinterest image to be brought to the tutorial):

My take:

Simplifying: punch (I only had a little heart punch, nicer if you have a medium size) a bunch of hearts from your paint chips, I kept them close to our kitchen colour scheme, picking the colours you like best is half the fun! Then "sew" them by hand in a little garland, fix your garland wherever you prefer with tape or little nails, pins or between two frames like in my case (I always felt the two little paintings where really looking a bit sad like that, so I love the result).

Do you like? Will you give it a try yourself?
It's so "petit", I love it :)

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Little Joys

Not having a great income, buying a nice magazine is a great treat to me...and the seasonal edition of Martha Stewart Weddings for spring has my mouth watering, metaphorically :)
Can't wait to start going through it, even if there is no wedding in my foreseeable future, I tell myself I do it for professional reasons, hehe.

And you, do you have any magazines' crush?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter RoundUp

Today I want to share with you a few Easter ideas that I pinned since I loved them at first sight.
I am going to realize at least one of them, which I hope to post about soon, but for now a selection (click on the link at the end of post to be brought to my Easter Pinterest page, then click on the Pinterest photo to be brought to the original sources, with tutorials, recipes etc.):


There is much more where these came from!
And what are your projects for this imminent Easter?

Monday, April 2, 2012

Moodboard Monday - 5

Another Monday...
Today I am not having a great day, to be honest with you...
So I thought that putting together a nice soothing moodboard could help a little. This is also a Easter-y palette, I always loved Easter and in Italy it is a big deal, close to Christmas as importance.
I love the religious and spiritual significance of Easter as a re-birth and resuscitation day.
Here is to Spring and Easter:

1. Happy Easter!, 2. Easter Birdies, 3. poussin calin, 4. Happy Easter - Buona Pasqua

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