Thursday, December 6, 2012

Aprons Amarcord


Amarcord is an Italian dialectal term from Emilia-Romagna that means "I do remember", but also stands for "nostalgia" or "retro". I love aprons and the sense of nostalgia that oftens accompanies them.

Recently I even asked a couple cute ones as a birthday present, believe it or not (I know, this would be great material for one of those sandwich jokes); I received a full one and a half one, both red on white, polkadots and checkers. And LOVE them.
I thought I'd share some of my fetish with you and share some pictures and links of mega-cute pieces I've found around the web, feast your eyes!


I am not choosy or difficult, I like all aprons: kitchen, gardening, arts and cafts, etc.
And if you think this could be a pretty Christmas present, as I do, you are still on time!
Do you share this love or am I durrrty fetishist? :)


  1. These are sooooo pretty. I hardly ever wear aprons but if they were any one of these I would make sure to don one every time I entered the kitchen.

  2. :) I forget I own a couple of very cute ones at times, but mostly I always keep one on a hook in the kitchen to look at it (and at times use it) lol

  3. uno più bello del altro ,baci lili

    1. Ciao Lili! Si', li adoro tutti...adesso ne ho un paio un po' su questo stile e mi sembra di avere chissa' che tesoro hahaha...le donne :)