Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Right Now Wednesday

Right Now!

*LISTENING  To nothing, enjoying the silence

*EATING A nice potato salad soon

*DRINKING  Lots of sparkling water, my vice :)

*WEARING Red and green, bit early for Christmas colours you say?

*WEATHER  Very Irish overcast

*WANTING  To feel appreciated by someone close

*NEEDING  To start cooking for tonight as we have guests, yay

*THINKING  Of having a nice warm shower

*ENJOYING The solitude

And you? :)


  1. WATCHING - singing in the rain.
    WISHING - was about to eat a nice potato salad.

  2. I am listening to Norah Jones, wearing a cozy oversized sweater and drinking a berry tea with honey:) Kisses. I love this post. xo

  3. Shannah, I always steam some spare potatoes whenever preparing them for a dinner...that's my secret lol

    Hahaha, Hester... :) Lovely movie, by the way.

    Diana, it all sounds lovely, giving me ideas!