Monday, January 31, 2011

Pasta Al Forno!

A really simple (and simplified) recipe if you feel like eating italian!
I am not a great cook and I am an Italian living abroad so I know how to cheat on food and survive quite happily, ha! :)
 Also, this is a great dish to use your veggies and cheese leftovers!

*Pasta Al Forno*   (Oven Baked Pasta)

Ingredients for 2 (as the Ancient Romans would say "melius abundare quam deficere"):
- 250 grams pasta (short pasta is better, in this case I used fusilli)
- one pepper, whichever colour, red, yellow or green, hehe (or you can use aubergine, courgettes, etc...)
- 2 very thick slices of ham (mine is Tuscan ham :) but whatever kind or even 4 thick slices salami will do!)
- 1 jar tomato sauce, yes I cheat! (this one is a lovely basil and tomato "nana style" sauce)
- lotsa cheese (I used a mix of red cheddar and parmesan, you can use whatever takes your fancy)
- some fresh basil (or dried! or not basil at all if you are basil-less :D)
- oregano
- chilly powder
- coarse salt (or fine salt, if you don't have the coarse)

Some of the ingredients 

Bring the water for the pasta to the boil (in Ireland I use the kettle for this, unfortunately boiling water on an electric cooker can take forever), add some coarse salt to the water and then add your pasta and leave to cook for as long as indicated on the pasta's package; while you boil the water and cook the pasta you can prepare your other ingedients: rinse the basil, grate the cheese(s), roughly mince the ham (by hand or with a blender), chop your pepper as fine/thick as you like.

Once the pasta is cooked, drain it, put it back in its pot, add the sauce, some grated cheese (to me, the more, the better :)), the ham, the chopped pepper, a little chilly powder and a little dried oregano; mix well. Lay this mix in an oven dish and cover (yes cover!) it with grated cheese and some basil leaves for added lovely smell and flavour.

Evidence of the yummyness, ready for some oven love

That is not red wine ;)

My oven is a fan one and the degrees are in celsius, I put the oven on 180 degrees and cook for 10 minutes on the higher slot plus 5/10 minutes of grill to make the pasta and the cheese crunchy with a nice crust.
You can obviously adapt this times/temperatures to your will, depending on your tastes and the type of oven you use.

Ready to serve!

Take out and serve, maybe with some full-bodied red wine, better if Italian, obviously :)
Om nom nom!

Let me know if you try it, or if you are drooling a wee bit over your keyboard :D
Dinner time for me, now!

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

WFFY for the Etsy Italia Team

Every Thursday the Etsy Italia Team members create beautiful and inspiring mosaics featuring their "colleagues"...
This is mine for today and you can find many more here, on the team blog :)
(We call them "We Find For You", hence the acronym in the title ;))

From top left: Nanofactory
                      Wakame Salada

What do you think?
I love Mosaic Maker as a tool, and photo mosaics in general, be them Treasuries on Etsy or Mosaics for Flickr... I could spend hours going through them and daydreaming...hahaha...ehm >_<' And you?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I shouldn't say but...

I totally love this treasury I made today for the Folk Reveries team on Etsy.

So many talented people *_*

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A caltalogue of romantic ideas

As you may know...Italians do it better ;)
Proof is here.

Lino, a French and Italian story

A very interesting and beautifully made video about linen production...It may seem a random thingy but if you have 10 minutes take a look :)
I had no idea linen had such pretty blue flowers, also.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Treasury time!

I have been featured in so many Treasuries on, is time to pay back :)

First of all, this is my Valentine themed Treasuries for a very supportive and fun group, the EtsyItaliaTeam.
This is all stuff I would be happy to receive on Valentine's day, be sure of sharing the link on BF's Facebook profile :D

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Stars in your eyes...

Something beautiful and wonder filled here. I would take a look if I was you, especially if you, like me, likes sci-fi and handmade.

I felt a lil emotional here and there :)
And you?

Sunday, January 9, 2011


I took new pictures of my bijoux.
Irish sun is not super strong in winter so I built a little light box and spent 6, yes, SIX hours taking a few pictures, editing, etc...I hope someone passes by and lets me know if they like the result:

 Gowan, gowan, gowan :D
Hope you all are enjoying sunday, I am working with a cheerful heart, and the sky is very blue :)

Friday, January 7, 2011

A fresh start

This is my WeFindForYou for the first week of January, featuring some beautiful handmade from the Etsy Italia Team on
Hope you like it and find it inspiring :)
This is also my very first post here on this crafting, handmade and decor themed blog...I hope you'll enjoy my pubblishing and my babbling.
Happy 2011!

From left to right:

 Other interesting mosaics.