Saturday, February 12, 2011

Recent listings

Lately I listed new jewelry in my Etsy shop.
Although I know it would be advisable to list something new almost every day...I struggle with that.
If you are fellow Etsyians you know how much work goes into one single listing (although I love the "copy" function!): from the crafting itself, to picture taking, pictures post producing, writing a nice description of the item, thinking about best adjustments for the SEO, calculating a right price, make the alltogether captivating...pant pant!

So I hope you will like my latest production:

Hidden Sparkle


Aquatic Circle

Show me yours?
And...what do you like more and less about putting up a new listing?


  1. Hidden sparkle is so beautiful and new pictures of it are great :) About listing, I hate pricing items :/ And I like... when the listing is ended :D

  2. stupoendi gli orecchini!!
    io oooodio correggere le foto .. ; )

  3. Personally I find it's too much work to do (pics,writings,make it appealing,etc.), it's worth for an item that you can sell many times but for OOAK items you use your lovely and time-consuming listing just once!

  4. Mairi, TY so much! And I do understand your liking of a finished listing hahaha

    Creativity, grazie mille e cooooome ti capisco!

    Ale, si' :) Non sono buone come le tue torte ma insomma :D

    Be-Have, yes, it seriously is a huge load of work and I think your reflection on OOAK is very for thought.

  5. Lovely new items, those earrings at the bottom are particularly gorgeous!

    I too struggle with listing every day and aim for twice or three times a week (failing miserably at the moment!)

    The copy button is my bestest ever friend in the world but the thing I enjoy most about listing is going back every couple of hours and looking at how many views it has had, it's even better when you go back and find it's been sold but that hasn't happened to me very often yet on Etsy!

  6. These are all lovely! Hidden Sparkle is sweet in particular :) I'm not very fond of the tediousness of etsy listing. I do my shop through and its much more easy and streamlined~

  7. pretty! specially the segments earrings.
    a re~list serves the same purpose if you find it takes too long etc to list something completely new :)
    thanks for your comment on my blog.

  8. Sue, TY so much!
    I understand your struggle but I don't know your feeling about going back and the happiness of a promptly sold item! ;_;

    Heather, I am not a big seller enough for BigCartel at the moment, I think, but I will check it, TY.

    Gretchen, TY so much!
    Yes, relisting is also an options but I would love to be good enough to list new things more often.