Friday, February 18, 2011

Flower Friday - 1

My biggest passion is Flower Arranging.
I really hope to make it my main job one the moment I am just an amateur.
I study by myself with books and magazines and if I can I take part in some short courses.

Sooo...I decided that every Friday I will annoy you with my compositions, yay!
I would like to use this space as a bit of a window on my works and you never know...someone may think I am talented lol
I would love to work as a flower arranger and flower arranging designer for weedings and events, it would be a dream come true...On to some pics!

Above is the very first composition I put together during my first amateur course :)
Is nothing special at all but I still love it!
More to come!

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  1. lovely! i want to see more! i'm curious now!

  2. Scusate le fotacce ma per ora ho questo :)

    Grazie ragazze, venerdi' altre robe floreali strambe :D

  3. Grazie Cloud!

    Susi, l'ho studiata un pochino pochino ma quella classica e' diffcilina...cmq a volte ho provato...e riporovero' :)
    Ma hai tolto i commenti dal tuo blog? ;_;

  4. Grazie :D

    Mi piace la tua composizione!

  5. E' vero, fa primavera :D sìsì metti le altre!!! Curiosità!!!

  6. That is super pretty! It's an art I have never tried, but I really admire people who have the eye for flower arranging.

  7. I think your arranagements are beautiful. I would love to take classes on flower arranging too, just for my personal use. I love to garden and grow flowers. Just don't know how to "present" them well.

  8. beautiful- one of my favourite colours.I was on etsy ireland and saw the piece about you-then I visited your etsy shop.I love the fabric earrings,why don't you post all your lovely stuff here on your blog?

  9. Mairi, sara' fatto! Oggi :)

    Michelle, nice to meet takes a little bit to learn, and I am quite slow, but I absolutely love the feeling that flowers give to me so I can try and try and try more :)

    Mary, I wish I had a garden!
    I hope I can inspire you and I am sure you can find plenty of resources online and some not too expensive course near you, hopefully!

    Patricia, TY so much! I will try to do that more :)

  10. Hi!!! :)
    I really like you blog, I follow you :D
    ... maybe if you have time, you could visit my blog too, and if you like it, follow me back ;)

  11. Thank you, Gaby, gonna visit your blog now.